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WNL Weekly 2014/15

For the third straight season Gareth has been the only national journalist in Ireland covering the Women’s National League on a weekly basis with his insightful column in the Irish Daily Mail. Established in 2011, the Women’s National League has become the main┬ástage for elite level women’s football in the Republic of Ireland to be showcased where numerous international stars ply their trade. In the three seasons to date there have been two winners – Peamount United and Raheny United (2) – while eight different clubs have competed in the league, which is run by the Football Association of Ireland. […]

Noel King – Interview

Noel King isn’t happy. He hasn’t been happy for a decade now. Forget about the medals, the trophies and possessing enough memories for an episode of Reeling in the Years, nothing will ever match up to playing. The crossroads of his life have long since faded from the rear-view mirror and he has found a stretch of road that he is comfortable on. But confusing contentment with joy is a wrong steer, even when it comes to one of the most respected footballing men on this island. It’s not that King is depressed; he simple misses the ‘buzz’ of playing […]

Adam Rooney – Rooney aims to live out boyhood dream

In the kick around with his mates on the streets of Palmerstown in Dublin, Adam Rooney would enact the fantasy of scoring in a big FA Cup tie. Today, he gets that chance against Liverpool.

Dave Mooney – Enda has got Dave back in love with it all

Sympathy is never too hard to find when one loses faith in their job for a period. Except if you are a professional footballer, which Dave Mooney discovered the hard way.

O’Neill’s recruitment drive – New faces on the radar

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 12. 11. 2013

Reputations can make a huge difference in the ego-driven world of modern football, so the FAI have reason to smile now that Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane are on board.

Who’s likely to fit into O’Neill’s rigid system?

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 6. 11. 2013

Once the hype settles down from the FAI landing their dream management ticket for the Republic of Ireland, it will quickly sink in that slick, attacking football won’t be on the menu.

O’Neill’s backroom team – The men behind the duo

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 6. 11. 2013

When the Republic of Ireland players lace up their boots and trot out onto the pitch at Gannon Park on Monday afternoon, they won’t be led by Martin O’Neill or Roy Keane.

Jon Walters – ‘There’s nothing better than giving something back’

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 26. 10. 2013

Tucked behind a middle-class housing estate and next to a Michelin tyre factory is Stoke City’s training ground. It’s a modern complex without being plush, yet the trappings of the Premier League are clear to see.

Stephen Kenny – Rags to riches for Dundalk

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 4. 10. 2013

In an era when success stories are treated like myths, Stephen Kenny knows Dundalk’s rise from the edge of extinction to possible champions is a tale worth telling.

Luke Chambers – Cool hand Luke has heart set on Ireland

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 28. 9. 2013

For 18 months now, Luke Chambers has left his Irish passport sitting in a dusty drawer. But the defender is hoping that the dawn of a new era may finally bring his international career to light.