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Graham Kavanagh – Contender Kav out to seize chance

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 21. 9. 2013

From Mick McCarthy and Paul Jewell through to Paul Ince, almost every manager Graham Kavanagh has ever known has been in touch to relay the same message: make the most of this opportunity.

Darragh MacAnthony – ‘I bought this club to have a little fun’

  Scheduled to sit down for a one-on-one interview with Darragh MacAnthony in Portmarnock Hotel. We are, instead, treated to an audience with Peterborough United’s three wise men and it’s the first sign that the Dubliner doesn’t do anything by half measures.

John Thompson – Thompson’s trauma left him with no confidence

Preparing for a match was something that John Thompson always took for granted. But when his heart began to race, his vision blurred and his mind spun as part of an anxiety attack, he knew that football would never be the same again.

Joe Dunne – Dunne but not dusted

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 27. 4. 2013

Survival  is the only thing that matters to Colchester United fans today, but Joe Dunne is planning for the future regardless of what division they will be in next season.

Paddy Madden – Forget RVP, Madden is on fire

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 16. 2. 2013

For Paddy Madden, scoring goals is much more than a way of earning bonus payments or enhancing his reputation, it is a craft he has long excelled at.

Greg Cunningham – Number Three shirt is there for the taking

In the international wilderness for three years, Greg Cunningham has been through a lot to return to the Republic of Ireland squad and now he is determined to make the left-back spot his own.

Gary Dicker – Dicker’s keen to use Cup to impress

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 27. 1. 2013

There was a time when drawing the mighty Arsenal in the FA Cup would have sent a shiver of terror down the spine of a lower league team, although Brighton’s Gary Dicker is not too fussed about them.

David Forde – Forde finds a new focus

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 26. 1. 2013

David Forde believes that his best years are yet to come, but the Millwall stopper’s current form suggest that he is the ideal man to take over as the Republic of Ireland’s new No 1.

Barry Corr – Tortured Barry targeting Cup scalp

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 15. 1. 2013

With his career hanging by a thread due to a troublesome knee injury, the only part of Barry Corr’s day that wasn’t torture was when he forgot all about football.

Stephen Quinn – You’ve seen nothing like the Mighty Quinn

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 13. 1. 2013

There comes a time when stubbornness, tactical systems and old-fashioned ways should be trumped by black-and-white statistics, but Stephen Quinn is still waiting for that day to arrive.