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Man City’s lost Irish generation

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 20. 3. 2014

History is important, no matter how many times people try to rewrite it. Successes will naturally be trumpeted, but it is the bad decisions that should never be erased as they allow us to remember what happened before and why they happened.

MLS Feature – The Irish American Hustle

Articles, Featured, Freelance - 16. 3. 2014

There was a time when Robbie Keane felt like he had found his own oasis inside the fastest-growing league in the world. But he is no longer alone. No matter where he goes, Keane attracts attention. It wasn’t like that when he first signed for LA Galaxy, but he is one the most recognisable stars in MLS now. Ahead of the new season kicking off, the 33-year-old was trying to keep his down. Working out in the gym in the bowels of the StubHub Center in Carson, California, he was in his own little world. Sure, he felt the watching […]

Noel King – Interview

Noel King isn’t happy. He hasn’t been happy for a decade now. Forget about the medals, the trophies and possessing enough memories for an episode of Reeling in the Years, nothing will ever match up to playing. The crossroads of his life have long since faded from the rear-view mirror and he has found a stretch of road that he is comfortable on. But confusing contentment with joy is a wrong steer, even when it comes to one of the most respected footballing men on this island. It’s not that King is depressed; he simple misses the ‘buzz’ of playing […]

Adam Rooney – Rooney aims to live out boyhood dream

In the kick around with his mates on the streets of Palmerstown in Dublin, Adam Rooney would enact the fantasy of scoring in a big FA Cup tie. Today, he gets that chance against Liverpool.

Conor Hourihane – Hourihane plots Pilgrims’ progress

Articles, Freelance - 5. 1. 2014

Walking through the streets of Cork city, Conor Hourihane blends in with the crowd. But a stroll through the centre of Plymouth is the complete opposite, with so many heads turning in his direction.

Dave Mooney – Enda has got Dave back in love with it all

Sympathy is never too hard to find when one loses faith in their job for a period. Except if you are a professional footballer, which Dave Mooney discovered the hard way.

Given not the answer to No 1 problem

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 24. 12. 2013

Put nostalgia aside for a second and ask yourself why Shay Given should return as the Republic of Ireland starting goalkeeper, because his best days are behind and not in front of him.

Festive footy keeps Irish exiles busy

Articles, Freelance - 24. 12. 2013

It may be a time of the year for family, fun and festivities, but try telling that to the many Irish footballers based abroad who regularly miss out on the magic of Christmas.

Best right-back in Premier League? Nobody beats Coleman

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 17. 12. 2013

It’s been quite a while – too long in fact – that any Irish supporter can confidently claim that one of their own is amongst the very best in the English Premier League. But in Seamus Coleman, they have found such a player.

Damien Delaney – Everything crystal clear in Palace wonderland

Articles, Freelance - 14. 12. 2013

Sometimes life moves so fast it’s difficult to appreciate its highlights when they roll around. That’s exactly how Damien Delaney feels about his whirlwind year.