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Eoghan O’Connell – Rising star takes on Europe’s finest

Articles, Freelance - 10. 12. 2013

All adventures must come to an end, yet Eoghan O’Connell isn’t too downbeat about his UEFA Champions League ride fizzling out in Barcelona.

Hey Martin, don’t forget to consider Irish first

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 4. 12. 2013

From Black Friday and Cyber Monday through to last-minute Christmas shopping, the rush of scrambling for deals and ticking off lists has been followed by repeated calls to ‘shop local’. And it’s something that Martin O’Neill should pay attention to.

Pragmatic future awaits Ireland under O’Neill

Articles, ESPN - 25. 11. 2013

It felt like Christmas had arrived early when the Republic of Ireland landed Martin O’Neill, and Roy Keane, as their new management ticket. But the festive period is now over.

O’Neill’s recruitment drive – New faces on the radar

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 12. 11. 2013

Reputations can make a huge difference in the ego-driven world of modern football, so the FAI have reason to smile now that Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane are on board.

A new era – Martin O’Neill & Roy Keane

Articles - 6. 11. 2013

A new, exciting era has started for the Republic of Ireland with the appointment of Martin O’Neill and Roy Keane as a management team, which GARETH MAHER will be covering closely.

Who’s likely to fit into O’Neill’s rigid system?

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 6. 11. 2013

Once the hype settles down from the FAI landing their dream management ticket for the Republic of Ireland, it will quickly sink in that slick, attacking football won’t be on the menu.

O’Neill’s backroom team – The men behind the duo

Articles, Irish Daily Mail - 6. 11. 2013

When the Republic of Ireland players lace up their boots and trot out onto the pitch at Gannon Park on Monday afternoon, they won’t be led by Martin O’Neill or Roy Keane.

Have the FAI just taken the easy, popular option?

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 6. 11. 2013

Nevermind where the holy grail is buried, who really shot JFK, or what’s in the case in Ronin, what we truly want to know is who was on the shortlist of candidates for the Republic of Ireland job before it was given to the first man who the FAI thought of?

Shane O’Neill – O’Neill enjoying Rapid rise

Articles, Freelance - 31. 10. 2013

Shane O’Neill may be getting used to the bright lights of MLS in the United States, but it is the golden memories of summers spent in Cork that widen his grin that extra inch.

Jon Walters – ‘There’s nothing better than giving something back’

Tucked behind a middle-class housing estate and next to a Michelin tyre factory is Stoke City’s training ground. It’s a modern complex without being plush, yet the trappings of the Premier League are clear to see.