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Stats don’t lie for O’Neill’s Ireland

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 25. 3. 2015

Once the final whistle sounds in Aviva Stadium on Sunday there will be a rush to pass judgement. Not only will the UEFA European Championship qualifier that has just finished come under the microscope, but also the Republic of Ireland’s campaign to date.

Man City’s lost Irish generation

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 20. 3. 2014

History is important, no matter how many times people try to rewrite it. Successes will naturally be trumpeted, but it is the bad decisions that should never be erased as they allow us to remember what happened before and why they happened.

Given not the answer to No 1 problem

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 24. 12. 2013

Put nostalgia aside for a second and ask yourself why Shay Given should return as the Republic of Ireland starting goalkeeper, because his best days are behind and not in front of him.

Best right-back in Premier League? Nobody beats Coleman

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 17. 12. 2013

It’s been quite a while – too long in fact – that any Irish supporter can confidently claim that one of their own is amongst the very best in the English Premier League. But in Seamus Coleman, they have found such a player.

Hey Martin, don’t forget to consider Irish first

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 4. 12. 2013

From Black Friday and Cyber Monday through to last-minute Christmas shopping, the rush of scrambling for deals and ticking off lists has been followed by repeated calls to ‘shop local’. And it’s something that Martin O’Neill should pay attention to.

Have the FAI just taken the easy, popular option?

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 6. 11. 2013

Nevermind where the holy grail is buried, who really shot JFK, or what’s in the case in Ronin, what we truly want to know is who was on the shortlist of candidates for the Republic of Ireland job before it was given to the first man who the FAI thought of?

Ignore the sensationalism, King got it right

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 26. 10. 2013

The result, the stats and the analysis all suggest otherwise, but Noel King did actually get things tactically spot on in the Republic of Ireland’s 3-0 defeat to Germany in Cologne. And he deserves plaudits rather than sneers for it.

The only quality Ireland lack is in leadership

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 16. 9. 2013

All of this doomsday talk of the Republic of Ireland lacking the quality to compete for a place at major tournaments and even to attract a big-name manager to the senior role is complete nonsense. In fact, it is hugely insulting to the excellent players who have been overlooked and misused at international level in recent years.

On The Road in Portland

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 22. 8. 2013

They call it Soccer City USA and after watching two games amongst the Timbers Army, we can confirm that it is not another marketing ploy or a gimmicky self-awarded title, but that Portland is very much the place to experience football – or soccer – when in North America.

Premier League Season Preview 13/14: Biggest stage can bring best out in Brady

Articles, Blog, Tactics Board - 13. 8. 2013

A new season brings excitement, hype and big-money transfers. Yet, for Irish eyes ready to lock onto the English Premier League for the next nine months, it is the actions of a kid they know well by this stage that may just hold their attention most.